ISBN 9781590306574,Natural Wakefulness Discovering The Wisdom Hb Sham

Natural Wakefulness Discovering The Wisdom Hb Sham



Shambhala Publication Inc

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781590306574

ISBN-10 1590306570


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


The capacity to awaken is inherent in all of us, and each and every one of us can do it. That's the heart of Gaylon Ferguson's remarkably encouraging message in his long-awaited first book--and it's backed by more than thirty years of study and teaching, duringwhich time he's inspired thousands of people on the spiritual path. The meditative mind is not somethingwe need to attain, he says, it's our very nature, and our desire to follow the spiritual path is nothing other than a manifestationof that nature already being there, just below the surface.He encourages us to assess our "spiritual progress" with honesty and without judgment in order to see where our sticking points are and to get past them, and he provides exercises and much practical advice. His friendly and supportive approach tomeditation practice is perfect for newmeditators, and it will also provide renewed inspiration for anyone who's been practicing for years.

Wakefulness is our natural state: enlightened, complete, perfect in wisdom and compassion. It's not something outside ourselves that we need to attain or become. But it's also true that some effort is required to get in touch with it--and that effort is what spiritual practice is about. Gaylon Ferguson highlights two essential aspects of the path of awakening: learning to trust that we are already naturally awake "and" committing to meditation practice. And he shows how each supports the other in our efforts to become fully who we are.
He begins by showing how to understand natural wakefulness in ourselves and how to gain confidence in it. Then he teaches the fundamentals of meditation and goes on to provide exercises and guided contemplations intended to help us experience innate wakefulness. Along the way, he shares selections from question-and-answer sessions with students from retreats that he's led that provide practical advice for manifesting awareness in daily life. Finally he shows how we can reinforce and support each other in wakefulness through community.
This long-awaited first book from this renowned meditation teacher is a complete introduction to meditation and the spiritual path--suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners as a source of inspiration and insight.
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