ISBN 9789381269503,Network Analysis And Synthesis

Network Analysis And Synthesis



Elsevier India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381269503

ISBN-10 9381269505

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Number of Pages 728 Pages
Language (English)

Network computers

This book is ideal for students pursuing a course in Network Analysis and Synthesis. The book deals with analysing and solving problems associated with Electrical and Electronic networks using various laws and theorems. Numerous figures are used to highlight and simplify the methods of solving network problems.

Key Features:

Over 400 fully Solved Examples.
More than 783 figures.
Highly simplified methods for solving difficult network problems.
Detailed analysis on transients and two-port networks.
Special treatment on problems connected with network synthesis and graph theory.
Separate chapters devoted to Laplace transform, Fourier transform and Discrete transforms.
Detailed study of problems connected with network theorems such as the Thevenin's and the Norton's.
A large number of worked out examples in mesh-current and node-voltage analyses.
PSPICE applications to solve network analysis problems

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Basic Laws in Network Theory
Chapter 2: DC and AC Circuits
Chapter 3: Passive Devices in Networks
Chapter 4: Resonance
Chapter 5: Mesh-Current Analysis
Chapter 6: Node-Voltage Analysis
Chapter 7: Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems
Chapter 8: Additional Network Theorems
Chapter 9: Two-Port Parameters
Chapter 10: Transients
Chapter 11: Self- and Mutual Inductances
Chapter 12: Laplace Transformation
Chapter 13: Fourier Transformation
Chapter 14: Passive and Active Filters
Chapter 15: Graph Theory and Network Topology
Chapter 16: Network Synthesis
Chapter 17: Special Topics
Chapter 18: Spice and Pspice