ISBN 9788120322431,Neuro-Fuzzy And Soft Computing: A Computational Approach To Learning And Machine Intelligence

Neuro-Fuzzy And Soft Computing: A Computational Approach To Learning And Machine Intelligence


Phi Learning



Phi Learning

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120322431

ISBN-10 8120322436

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Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)


This well-organized and clearly-presented book offers a detailed understanding of the constituent methodologies underlying neuro-fuzzy and soft computing-an evolving branch of computational intelligence which is aimed at solving real-world decision making, modeling, and control problems. It is intended for use as a text for computer science and computer engineering students.

The methodologies covered include "fuzzy set theory, neural networks, data clustering techniques, and several gradient-free stochastic optimization methods-with equal emphasis on their theoretical aspects as well as empirical observations and verifications of various applications in practice.

Many step-by-step examples are included to complement explanations in the text. The book contains many specially designed figures generated by MATLAB and SIMULINK to help visualize the process of fuzzy reasoning, neural-network learning, neuro-fuzzy integration and training, and many other ideas and concepts. End-of-chapter exercises are designed to reinforce understanding of the material presented, as well as to equip the reader with hands-on programming experiences for practical problem solving. Hints to selected exercises are provided in the appendix.

All MATLAB programs used in the book can be obtained via FTP or WWW. The book also contains an 'Internet Resource Page' to point the reader to on-line neuro-fuzzy and soft computing home pages, publications, public-domain software, research institutes, news groups, etc.