ISBN 9789350366134,New Communicate In English 8

New Communicate In English 8


Uma Raman



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789350366134

ISBN-10 9350366134

Paper Back

Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Communicate in English is now back in a brand new avatar, with new content and thoroughly revised exercises. A modern, attractive layout, beautiful colour illustrations along with several new features and reinforced CCE tools are a first in ELT coursebooks!
What’s new?
• FULL-PAGE GET SETS Interactive introductions to lessons to engage learners and initiate learning
• COMIC STRIPS A popular form of storytelling to enhance understanding
• ASL Oral activities to build better speaking and listening skills
• VALUE-BASED QUESTIONS Thought-provoking questions to develop sensitivity towards social concerns
• CIRCLE TIME (Books 1, 2) Interesting activities and games to help generate language
• PUNCTUATION (Books 3 – 8) Exercises to help strengthen the mechanics of writing
• CRITICAL APPRECIATION (Books 6 – 8) Evaluative questions to help appreciate language in context
• PSA (Books 6 – 8) Absorbing activities to augment problem-solving and decision-making skills
• OTBA (Books 6 – 8) Detailed text and questions to help acquire the skills of information processing, analysis and inference
• EXCITING VISUALS Attractive illustrations and a modern layout to stimulate imagination and interest
Other exciting features
• VOCABULARY Carefully graded activities to increase vocabulary
• GRAMMAR Interactive tasks and activities
• WRITING Scaffolding to provide a framework for writing
• SPELL RIGHT (Books 3 – 5) Various kinds of exercises to sharpen spelling abilities
• DICTIONARY CHECK (Books 3 – 5) Activities to guide learners’ dictionary reference skills
• HOTS (Books 3 – 8) Questions focus on critical thinking and analytical skills
• LIFE SKILLS Activities to help develop skills and attitudes to meet everyday challenges in healthy and desirable ways.
• TASK FOR FA AND SA Tasks to monitor and evaluate student learning