ISBN 9789350364802,Number Magic - 2

Number Magic - 2



Ratna Sagar Publishers


ISBN 9789350364802

ISBN-10 9350364808


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KEY FEATURES OF THE SERIES * All the exercises in the books can be used as tasks for FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT and SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT. In addition, there are test papers for summative assessment. * The WARM UP at the beginning of each chapter will help the student to grasp the concepts quickly. * CHECKPOINT has in-text questions for practice. * The HOTS questions will encourage lateral thinking in the student. * GET IT RIGHT! will alert the student to common errors in maths. * QUICK TIPS will guide the student to solve problems with the help of shortcuts. * LEARNING BY DOING are activities created to help imbibe mathematical skills. * LIFE SKILLS will stimulate the thinking, social and emotional skills of the learners and help them to use maths in everyday situations. * MENTAL MATHS will generate a better understanding of how numbers interact with each other. * MATHS ONLINE consists of weblinks which will take the learners beyond the text. * CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING consists of four worksheets for formative assessment. * IN THE LAB are Maths Lab activities especially designed to develop conceptual understanding. * MATHS FROM THE PAST and TO MEET offer nuggets from history related to the subject. * BEYOND THE CHAPTER consists of extrapolatory tasks. * MY CHECKLIST will give the student a reality check on whether she/he has understood the concepts covered in the chapter. * ANSWERS are given at the end of the book. *Resources for the teacher - Interactive CDs and Web Support at