ISBN 9788129107220,Nur Jahan's Daughter

Nur Jahan's Daughter



Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788129107220

ISBN-10 8129107228


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)


Nur Jahan, also known as Mehrunnisaa, was a well-educated, strong and charismatic woman. She was considered as one of the most influential Mughal women in the 17th century. Her story has fascinated writers and historians all over the world. Being the emperor's favourite, she was believed to be the real power behind the throne. Nur Jahan's story is extremely popular. However, writers often miss out on mentioning her daughter's part in the story. Tanusree Podder brings us the tale of Laadli, daughter of Nur Jahan, a reluctant princess. Nur Jahan's Daughter is the story of Laadli, the child of Nur Jahan and her first husband Ali Quli. Post Ali Quli's unfortunate demise, Laadli falls victim to her mother's insensitive attitude and ruthless ambition. Nur Jahan dictated Laadli's life until she unwillingly accepted royalty as her destiny. For a long time, the only information writers mentioned about Laadli was her marriage to Jahangir's youngest son, Shahryar. Laadli comes across as a simple, naive girl who is extremely fond of her father. His death leaves her devastated and throws her life in disarray. Podder paints a very different picture of Nur Jahan in this book. Nur Jahan's attitude towards her first husband, her encouragement of Jahangir's flirtations or using Laadli as a pawn in her larger than life plans doesn't portray a very good image of her. Laadli's love affair with an artist called Imran is also cut short by her mother as she has him mercilessly killed. Nur Jahan forces her daughter to seduce Jehangir's eldest son Shah Jahan and in a sudden turn of events gets her married to Shahryar who unfortunately was gay, a drug addict and a drunkard. Life doesn't stop being cruel to Laadli as she faces many more tragedies and unfortunate situations. Podder doesn't stop at only recounting Laadli's ordeals. She vividly explains the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, the inspiring tale of how Saleem stood against his father and delves into his numerous love affairs and liaisons. About Tanusree Podder Award winning novelist Tanusree Podder describes herself as a tailor, beautician, teacher, author, mother, gardener, cook, housekeeper and an event manager. Escape from Harem, Boots Belts Berets, Death of a Dictator: The Story of Saddam Hussein and Dreams are some of her books. After having spent some time in the corporate sector, she finally decided to quit her work and take up her passion of writing. She initially began writing for newspapers, then progressed to writing reviews. The Mughal era fascinates her and she has two books written in this genre. She is a fan of P. G. Wodehouse and Ayn Rand. She has also written books on health, spirituality and fitness. Poddar has written 18 books, 16 of which are non-fictional and 2 are fictional.