ISBN 9789351415046,Objective Physics Vol 1 For Medical Entrance Examinations

Objective Physics Vol 1 For Medical Entrance Examinations


DC Pandey



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351415046

ISBN-10 935141504X


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 750 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

With the best available collection of objective questions through which the students can master the concepts of Physics, Objective Physics Volume 1 has been designed to work as a self study guide for physics for CBSE AIPMT and various other national regional medical entrance examinations. The present book has been designed in sync with Class XI Physics NCERT textbook to help students prepare for the competitions along with their school studies. The book contains more than 4000 objective questions of all types like single option correct, matching, assertion-reason and statement based questions. The book has been divided into 17 chapters namely Units, Dimensions Error Analysis, Basic Mathematics Vectors, Motion in One Dimension, Projectile Motion, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy Power, Circular Motion, Centre of Mass, Conservation of Linear Momentum Impulse Collision, Rotation, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Thermometry, Thermal Expansion Kinetic Theory of Gases, The First Law of Thermodynamics, Calorimetry Heat Transfer and Wave Motion, each sub-divided into number of topics. The questions provided in the book have been designed in such a way that it makes different concepts clear and also their applications for solving different types of problems. The questions in the book incorporate the syllabi of almost all medical entrances in India. Each chapter contains objective questions presented in two levels, Level I covering the basic questions and Level II covering higher difficulty order questions. The questions have been divided into two levels to help aspirants practice step by step. Each chapter also contains a collection of questions asked in different national and regional medical entrances. The exercises have been solved in detail to help students understand the concepts better and effectively. The book also contains 2012 2013 Solved Paper of Medical Entrance Examinations to help candidates get an insight into the examination pattern and the types of question asked therein. As the book contains ample number of questions which can be asked in the upcoming medical entrances as well as previous years medical entrance examinations, it for sure will act as the students master the concepts of Physics and also the skills required to tackle the questions asked in different formats in entrances. TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit Dimensions and Error Analysis Basic Mathematics and Vectors Motion in One Dimension Projectile Motion Laws of Motion Work, Energy and Power Circular Motion Centre of Mass, Conservation of Linear Momentum Impulse and Collision Rotation Gravitation Simple Harmonic Motion Elasticity Fluid Mechanics Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Kinetic theory of Gases The First Law of Thermodynamics Calorimetry and Heat Transfer Wave Motion Medical Entrance Examinations 2012 Medical Entrance Examinations 2013