ISBN 9780070669024,Operational Research

Operational Research



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070669024

ISBN-10 0070669023


Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Operations Research-the mathematical analysis of a process, used in making decisions-is an interdisciplinary branch of Applied Mathematics. This book, meant for the course on OR, to be taken up by the engineering students of all branches, offers lucid presentation of the subject aided by plenty of solved and unsolved problems. Key Features Unique Approach: Brief yet adequate theory supported by numerous solved examples. This enables quick learning by the students. (Refer Chapter 16) Comprehensive Coverage: The book offers 100% coverage of the syllabus of all major universities in India. Unique chapters like Sequencing Problems ( Chapter 16) Replacement Models (Chapter 19) Project Scheduling (Chapter 20) Artificial Variables (Chapter 4) Variable Techniques (Chapter 8) Present in our book. The same topics are missing in competition. Variety of Solved Examples: Solved examples from various university question papers in offering enables the students understand the concepts better. ( Refer Chapter 2 on Linear Programming) Excellent Pedagogical Features : Solved examples with step by step solution : 350 (Example: Refer Chapter 16- Example 16.3) Review Questions: 350 Total: 700 TABLE OF CONTENTS : - Chapter 1. Introduction to OR Chapter 2. Linear Programming Chapter 3. Simplex Method Chapter 4. Artificial Variables Chapter 5. Dual Simplex Method Chapter 6. Duality Chapter 7. Revised Simplex Method Chapter 8. Bounded Variable Techniques Chapter 9. Integer Programming Chapter 10. Sensitivity Analysis Chapter 11. Transportation Problem Chapter 12. Assignment Problem Chapter 13. Decision Theory Chapter 14. Theory Of Games Chapter 15. Dynamic Programming Chapter 16. Sequencing Problems Chapter 17. Queueing Theory Chapter 18. Inventory Models Chapter 19. Replacement Models Chapter 20. Project Scheduling (PERT and CPM) Chapter 21. Simulation

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