ISBN 9788182091047,Operations Reaserch

Operations Reaserch



Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788182091047

ISBN-10 8182091047


Number of Pages 500 Pages
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Medical & healthcare law

Operations research (also referred to as decision science, or management science) is an interdisciplinary mathematical science that focuses on the effective use of technology by organizations. In contrast, many other science & engineering disciplines focus on technology giving secondary considerations to its use.Employing techniques from other mathematical sciences such as mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization operations research arrives at optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems. Because of its emphasis on human-technology interaction and because of its focus on practical applications, operations research has overlap with other disciplines, notably industrial engineering andoperations management, and draws on psychology and organization science. Operations Research is often concerned with determining the maximum (of profit, performance, or yield) or minimum (of loss, risk, or cost) of some real-world objective. Originating in military efforts before World War II, its techniques have grown to concern problems in a variety of industries.