ISBN 9788131525913,Organizational Behavior : Managing People and Organizations

Organizational Behavior : Managing People and Organizations



Cengage Learning India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788131525913

ISBN-10 8131525910


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Prepare your students today to become strong, effective managers tomorrow with the powerful concepts and practical applications found in Griffin / Moorhead's organizational behavior:managing people and organizations, eleventh edition. This reader-oriented text helps you equip your students with the skills and solid understanding to meet the management challenges of a new century.

The book's applied approach balances classic management ideas with the most recent OB developments and contemporary trends, such as the impact of OB on the services sector the effects of the economic downturn, how to manage people in these challenging times the new role of stress on motivation and leadership the effects of downsizing, the trends towards 'greening' businesses, outsourcing, and the stresses on company's ethical standards. Students delve into the core concepts of human behavior and industrial psychology with the help of memorable real examples and cases drawn from relevant organizations and managers. Fresh new cases, proven end-of-chapter exercises, end-of-chapter video cases, activities, and optional cases and exercises help you equip your students with the assets, tools, and resources to compete effectively amid a world of change. Students grasp the fundamentals of human behavior in organizations and the ability to develop new answers to new challenges as they learn to understand the people who comprise an organization, understand change, and understand how organizations must respond to change. Equip and energize the next generation of managers for the most exciting task of tomorrow: managing people effectively within competitive organizations.
Tableof contents :-
Part I : Introduction to Organizational Behavior
1.An Overview of Organizational Behavior
2.The Changing Environment of Organizations

Part II: Individual Processes in Organizations
3.Foundations of Individual Behavior
4.Motivation in Organizations
5.Motivating Employee Performance Through Work
6.Motivating Employee Performance Through Rewards
7.Managing Stress and the Work-Life Balance
8.Decision Making and Problem Solving

Part III: Interpersonal Processes in Organizations
9. Foundations of Interpersonal and Group Behavior
10. Using Teams in Organizations
11. Communication in Organizations
12. Traditional Models for Understanding Leadership
13. Contemporary Views of Leadership in Organizations
14. Power, Politics and Organizational Justice
15. Conflict and Negotiation in Organizations

Part IV: Organizational Processes and Characteristics
16. Foundations of Organization Structure
17. Organization Design
18. Organization Culture
19. Organization Change and Development