ISBN 9781588901699,Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy: Diagnosis, Management & Complications

Otosclerosis and Stapedectomy: Diagnosis, Management & Complications



Thieme Medical Publishers

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781588901699

ISBN-10 1588901696


Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)


Co-authored by leading specialists, this comprehensive and current book provides a detailed and practical discussion of otosclerosis patient diagnosis, treatment, and management.

The book presents a step-by-step account of stapedectomy surgery, and also covers: the pros and cons of all lasers including the latest erbium lasers and their current applications; the analysis of recent otosclerosis studies using CT scanning and audiometry as parameters; stapedectomy versus stapedotomy; frequent complications encountered in otosclerosis surgery; and much more!

Key Features:

Walks beginners through the fundamental steps necessary to fully understand otosclerosis and stapedectomy
Solutions to difficult problems encountered daily by experienced otologists
Special chapters on revision and laser stapedectomy surgeries
Practical quiz that helps reinforce all the salient features of the book
Appealing to the novice as well as the experienced professional, this book is a key resource for any practitioner in the field - general ENT specialists, ENT surgeons, as well as medical students and otology fellows. Use this book to keep up-to-date on this important topic.

Table of Contents

1. The Historical Background of Otosclerosis
2. The Pathology of Otosclerosis
3. Physical Examination and Clinical Evaluation of the Patient with Otosclerosis
4. Audiological Evaluation of the Patient with Otosclerosis
5. Radiological Imaging of Otosclerosis
6. Cochlear Otosclerosis
7. Medical Treatment of Otosclerosis
8. Hearing Aids and Otosclerosis
9. Lasers in Otosclerosis
10. Stapedectomy
11. Obliterative Otosclerosis
12. Poststapedectomy Perilymph Fistulae
13. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Immediately Following Stapedectomy
14. Stapedectomy versus Stapedotomy
15. Bilateral Otosclerosis
16. Special Conditions and Complications in Otosclerosis Surgery
17. Otodystrophies
Appendix: Quiz