ISBN 9788189430405,Paramhans Yogananda Ke Sath Vartalap

Paramhans Yogananda Ke Sath Vartalap



Ananda Sangha Publications


ISBN 9788189430405

ISBN-10 8189430408


Language (Hindi)


For those who enjoyed Paramhansa Yogananda's autobiography and hunger for more, this collection offers unparalleled intimate glimpses of life with the Master never before shared. Swami Kriyananda?s daily TV programme ?A Way to Awakening?, is based on readings from this book. More than half a century ago, in a hilltop ashram in Los Angeles, California, an American disciple sat at the feet of his Master, faithfully recording his words, as his teacher had asked him to do. Paramhansa Yogananda knew this disciple would carry his message to people everywhere. Kriyananda was often present when Yoganandaji spoke privately with other close disciples, received visitors and answered their questions, and dictated and discussed his writings. Yogananda put Kriyananda in charge of the other monks, and gave him advice for their spiritual development. At such times Kriyanandaji recorded his words, preserving a treasure trove of wisdom in nearly five hundred stories, sayings, and insights from the 20th century?s most famous master of Kriya Yoga. Included are 25 photos?nearly all previously unreleased. These conversations include not only Yogananda's words as he first spoke them, but also the added insight of an intimate disciple who has spent more than 50 years reflecting on and practicing the teachings of Yogananda. Through these conversations, Yogananda comes alive. Time and space dissolve. We sit at the feet of the Master, listen to his words, receive his wisdom, delight in his humor, and are transformed by his love.