ISBN 9788125030157,Paryavaran Adhyayan

Paryavaran Adhyayan


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Orient Blackswan


ISBN 9788125030157

ISBN-10 8125030158


Language (Hindi)

Science & Nature

Paryaavaran Adhyayan or the Textbook of Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses is aimed at bringing about an awareness of the various environmental concerns. It is an attempt to create sustainable lifestyles by bringing about an attitude that is pro-environment and a positive behavioural pattern in society.
Summary of the Book
Environmental Studies is an applied science that deals with all the factors that affect a living organism. This book is developed and brought out in Hindi for students studying the subject in Hindi medium. It deals with the study of sustaining human civilization on the Earth's limited resources and includes aspects of biology, physics, chemistry, geology, engineering, computers, economics, anthropology, health, sociology, philosophy and statistics. Textbook of Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses is not only a collection of factual data about the environment, but it also advocates the way that humans should live on this planet. The objective is to develop a concern for the environment and take measures to protect it. It deals with all the major environmental concerns, including the ones to do with the conflict arising out of the need for development strategies and the need for environmental conservation. Textbook of Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses covers the syllabus as prescribed by the UGC. It was compiled based on the recommendation of a UGC Committee with the intention of developing a common syllabus for environmental studies at an undergraduate level and to be used across universities in India. It consists of 8 units and 45 lectures. While the first 7 units are primarily theoretical, the last one is a more practical approach on studying the various environmental concerns by undertaking field visits. The book includes chapters like Ecological Succession, Pollution Case Studies, Concepts of an Ecosystem, Value Education, Woman and Child Welfare, Wasteland Reclamation, and Public Awareness.
About Erach Bharucha
Erach Bharucha is an author and the Director of Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research. He is the author of Wonders of the Indian Wilderness and The Biodiversity of India. Bharucha was born on January 21, 1943. He has been instrumental in introducing a number of environmental education programmes in schools and colleges. His areas of interests are biodiversity conservation, eco-restoration, people-wildlife conflict resolution and environment education. He has been an active member of various conservation institutions like Worldwide Fund for Nature, Central Zoo Authority and Wildlife Institute of India. Bharucha is also an avid wildlife photographer.