ISBN 9789350361368,Past and Present 6 (History & Civics) (ICSE Board)

Past and Present 6 (History & Civics) (ICSE Board)



Ratna Sagar P. Ltd.

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350361368

ISBN-10 9350361361

Hard Back

Language (English)

ICSE Books

Past & Present (History & Civics) is a series of three textbooks for Classes 6-8. They are based on the latest syllabus of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, followed in ICSE schools. Simple language has been used for the children to understand the text easily. Ample illustrations, photographs, diagrams, maps and stories have been included, in all three subjects, to stimulate the interest of the children and enable them to grasp the concepts clearly. The books have been structured in a way so as to develop in children a love for the subject. Therefore enabling them to absorb the contents better. KEY FEATURES Get Set introduces the theme of the chapter. Rapid Fire contains questions for revision. It will enable a child to revise a section of the chapter before going further. More to Know contains interesting snippets of information related to the chapter. New Words explain the important terms used in the chapter. Time to Learn includes objective, subjective and reasoning-based questions. It also includes picture study to reinforce learning. Time to Do has map work, activities, projects and weblinks that will make learning a hands-on, fun-filled experience. The Lesson in a Page and Points of Focus recapitulate the lesson. It will act as a vital tool for revision just before the examination. Special emphasis is given on topics related to the environment.