ISBN 9788122007817,Perfect Health In 20 Weeks

Perfect Health In 20 Weeks


Amar Chandel


Konark Publication



Konark Publication

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788122007817

ISBN-10 8122007813


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Perfect Health In 20 Weeks has been designed in a way to help people achieve the goal of perfect health in a realistic manner. It emphasizes the fact that perfect health is not just about falling ill less often, but it is much beyond that. Perfect health relates to not just physical fitness but it is about the peace of mind as well.

Several problems such as diabetes, backache, neck pain, joint ache, headache, stress, blood pressure, and sinus have become common problems in the contemporary world. People are suffering from such diseases from a very young age. The relief from the medicines is temporary because the main reason of such problems is the changed lifestyle.

Perfect Health In 20 Weeks is a book that, first of all, offers the real root causes of such ailments. Secondly, it focuses on removing the causes of the ailments instead of curing the ailments. It teaches that unless the day-to-day regime is not altered, one cannot achieve perfect health. The book also informs that people make mistakes because they are ignorant and when they realize that they are moving in a wrong direction, it is probably too late. So, the author, through this book aims to enlighten the readers about their unintentional wrong doings.

The book provides a comprehensive coverage of topics related to perfect health. It starts with the instructions on how to set the weight target, a physical regimen, and maintain a food diary. Chandel elucidates on why human beings eat and what is the process when food is eaten.

The readers will also get to know the importance of water and eating small meals 5-6 times a day. It focuses on the necessity of exercises of various parts of the body such as knee, neck, waist and shoulder, neck, and arm. It also discusses the breathing exercises along with the cleansing system of the body. The book educates to banish refined oil, concentrated milk and its products, sugar, and fat from ones diet. Moreover, it talks about basic yoga, improving the nutritive value of flour, the acid-alkali balance of body, how to avoid cold and cough, general body exercises, mono diet, and importance of sleep. Most importantly, it teaches the significance of learning Pranayam and simple meditation.