ISBN 9788126510894,Physics, Volume 2, 5Th Ed

Physics, Volume 2, 5Th Ed



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788126510894

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PHYSICS (VOLUME - 2) 5TH EDITION (PAPERBACK) PRICE: RS.440 Physics (Volume 2) has been updated with conceptual descriptions of the recent findings in the field of research related to physics. Summary Of The Book Physics (Volume 2) has been overhauled to include the latest findings in the field of physics so that the reader is presented with up to date information on the subject. For instance, the Mechanics sequence has been re-organized with stress on energy based on the study conducted by Arnold Arons. Furthermore, the problems appearing at the end of each chapter have been modified thoroughly and newer ones have been added, including short-answer questions. Outdated references have been omitted. The topics related to Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics have been given a modern treatment. For both students and teachers, additional supplementary material has been provided. The study guide and solutions manual are sure to be appreciated by the student community, while the teachers will find the test bank, transparencies and IRCD with simulations to be very beneficial. Physics (Volume 2) has chapters dedicated to topics like Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law, Gratings and Spectra, Faraday's Law Of Induction, Energy from the Nucleus and Polarization. First published in the year 1960, this book has been used widely used by students across the world and is considered to be revolutionary in physics education. About The Authors David Halliday was a noted American physicist. He is the author of Fundamentals Of Physics and Nuclear Physics. Halliday was born on March 3, 1916. He completed his graduate and undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1941, he earned his Ph.D. in Physics. Post that, he worked at the MIT Radiation Lab where he developed radar techniques. He returned to the University of Pittsburgh and spent the rest of his career there as an assistant professor. His textbooks on physics are held in high regard even today. Halliday died on April 2, 2010. Robert Resnick is an author and physics educator. He is the author of Introduction To Special Relativity and Student Study Guide To Accompany Physics. Resnick was born on January 11, 1923 in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated in 1939 from the Baltimore City College High school and went onto earn his B.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from Johns Hopkins University. He served as a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh from 1949 to 1956. Resnick has received many awards for his contribution to the field of physics such as Outstanding Educator of the Year (1972) and the Oersted Medal (1974). In 2003, he was inducted into Rensselaer's Hall of Fame. Kenneth S. Krane is a writer and professor of physics. Two of his other books are Modern Physics and Introductory Nuclear Physics. Krane is the holder of a B.S. degree in Physics from the University of Arizona. In 1970, he completed his Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University. Currently, he is involved in two research projects in the field of nuclear physics. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law The Electric Field Gauss' Law Electic Potential Energy and Potential The Electrical Properties of Materials Capacitance DC Circuits The Magnetic Field The Magnetic Field Of a Current Faraday's Law Of Induction Magnetic Properties of Materials Inductance Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves Light Waves Mirrors and Lenses Interference Diffraction Gratings and Spectra Polarization The Nature of Light The Nature of Matter Electrons in Potential Wells Properties of Atoms Electrical Conduction in Solids Nuclear Physics Energy from the Nucleus Particle Physics and Cosmology Appendices Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems Photo Credits Index Note: 729, 732, 742, 754 pages are missing with diagrams.