ISBN 9780143065081,Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake


Swati Kaushal






Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780143065081

ISBN-10 0143065084


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)
Swati Kaushal's Piece of Cake deals with Minal Sharma and her struggles at work, home and her love life. The question remains: Will she get her "happily ever after"? Summary Of The Book Mrinal Sharma is not an ordinary MBA graduate. She is 29 year old, ambitious and dreams big. With a career at International Foods, she finds herself wanting more in terms of her lifestyle and the man she dreams of marrying. Mrinal's mother, on the other hand, has different matrimonial plans for her. She selects a boring oncologist, Sunil Pandey, a safe and reliable choice which Mrinal finds unappealing. Her dream man turns out to be a wild radio jockey, Ali, who meets all her criteria from having an amazing sense of humour to pampering her with diamonds. Things take an unexpected and complicated turn when her company assigns her a cake assignment. She finds herself competing with her childhood bully, who is hell-bent on ruining her career. The book also introduces Yogi, a confidant and friend, who helps Mrinal from time to time. The plot thickens when she is blamed for plagiarizing another company's idea for her cake assignment. As problems keep piling up, it seems almost impossible for Mrinal to achieve well-deserved success and happiness. Piece of Cake is novel that deals with a quirky romance set within the corporate sector. This book has received mixed critical reviews but has been well appreciated by readers. About Swati Kaushal Swati Kaushal is an Indian writer. She has written two novels which have been categorized as 'Chick Lit'. She is best known for her two novels, Piece of Cake and A Girl Like Me. Her second novel deals with Anisha Rai, a young Indian girl coping with different people, cultures and peer pressure. She was born in New Delhi and has worked for companies such as Nokia Mobile Phones and Nestle India Limited. She earned her MBA from IIM, Kolkata. She currently lives in Connecticut, U.S, with her family.