ISBN 9788183552790,PLANE Trigonometry (Part - 1)

PLANE Trigonometry (Part - 1)



G. K. Publications Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183552790

ISBN-10 818355279X


Language (English)

Examinations & assessment

This is a classic text on trigonometry that could be useful for students preparing for their school finals or for those preparing for their engineering entrance exams. Summary Of The Book This book is ideal for school students up to the 10 + 2 level. It is a fine introductory text on the subject of plane trigonometry with simple explanations, providing a good foundation for higher studies. As trigonometry involves a high number of formulas, these have been highlighted in the text. The book covers topics such as measurement of angles, sexagesimal and centesimal measure, trigonometric ratios for angles of 3, 30, 45 and 90 degrees, problems involving heights and distances, applying algebraic signs in trigonometry and tracing ratio changes, trigonometric angle functions, and general expressions of all angles with a given trigonometric ratio. The book also details trigonometric ratios of multiple and sub-multiple angles, trigonometric equations and identities, logarithms, the principle of proportional parts, the relationship between the sides of a triangle and the trigonometric ratios of its angles, and solution of triangles. Topics such as distances and heights, properties of a triangle, quadrilaterals, trigonometric ratios of small angles, inverse circular functions, summation of some simple trigonometrical series, elimination, and projection are also covered. Each chapter contains summaries clarifying the concepts taught, and also examples to illustrate the problem solving techniques. The book also contains several exercises, both objective and subjective. Answers to exercises are provided at the end of the book. There is an additional set of miscellaneous examples in the final part of the book, and a section containing tables of logarithms, natural tangents, natural sines, logarithmic sines and tangents, and radian measures of angles. About S. L. Loney Sidney Luxton Loney was a professor of mathematics at the Royal Holloway College. Some other books by S.L. Loney are The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates (Part-1) , PLANE Trigonometry (Part -II), and The Elements of Statics and Dynamics Part -2. All his books are academic texts on the subject of mathematics, and they have seen several reprints. S.L. Loney was born in Devon, England in 1860. He studied at Maidstone Grammar School and graduated with a B.A. from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. S.L. Loney had an influence in the life and academic career of the mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.