ISBN 9780070707047,Polymer Science And Technology : Plastics, Rubbers, Blends And Composites

Polymer Science And Technology : Plastics, Rubbers, Blends And Composites



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070707047

ISBN-10 0070707049


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 600 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

This book skillfully blends and integrates polymer science, plastic technology and rubber technology. The fundamentals of polymerization, polymer characteristics, rheology and morphology, as well as the composition, technology, testing and evaluation of various plastics, rubbers, fibres, adhesives, coatings and composites are comprehensively presented. New to this Edition Extensive discussion of dendritic polymers, dendrimers and useful inorganic polymers Lucid description of the use of power polymers in developing solar photovoltaic devices In-depth coverage of the applications of nanotechnology to polymers Detailed explanation of the use of polymers in waste disposal and recycling The book is highly suitable for all entrepreneurs and professionals engaged in production of as well as research and development in polymers. It will also be found immensely useful by advanced level students of physics, chemistry, materials science, and electronics specializing in polymers, as well as students of electronics, chemical and metallurgical engineering having courses in polymer technology/materials science and technology. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Basic Concepts of High Polymer Systems 2. Condensation Polymerization or Step-Growth Polymerization 3. Addition Polymerization or Chain-Growth Polymerization 4. Copolymerization and Techniques of Polymerization 5. Ionic and Stereo-regular Polymerization 6. Polymer Characteristics and Polymer Characterization 7. Polymer Rheology and Polymer Morphology 8. Plastics-Materials and Processing Technology 9. Rubbers-Materials and Processing Technology 10. Identification, Testing and Evaluation of Plastics and Rubbers 11. Polymer Blends and Composites 12. Conducting Polymers 13. Miscellaneous Polymers and Nanotechnology 14. Polymer in Wastes and their Environmental Impact