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Power Electronics



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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702394

ISBN-10 007070239X


Number of Pages 656 Pages
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Power Electronics is a specialized branch of electrical engineering. It is concerned with the study of using solid state electronic devices in the conversion and control of electric power. The adaptation of semiconductor devices in power control has led to rapid advances in the field. Semiconductor devices have enabled energy control at high power levels as they are capable of switching large currents at high voltages. The development and integration of integrated circuits in power control devices has lent further impetus to the advancements in the field. For, these circuits enable finer control over the operation of the power electronic controllers. With all these developments, power electronics is rapidly gaining in importance in electrical engineering studies as a highly specialized field, even in undergraduate courses. This book, Power Electronics, has been specifically written for students doing undergraduate courses in electrical engineering. Power Electronics provides a comprehensive introduction to this field, in nine chapters. The book begins with a look at the application of semiconductor devices in converting and controlling electric power. The book then proceeds to analyze various line commutated converter technologies. It then goes into AC switching controllers, and then choppers. Then, the book covers inverters, types of inverters and inverter applications. The next chapter takes a detailed look at power supply systems. Then, Power Electronics discusses adjustable control DC motor drives, and adjustable control AC motor drives. The final chapter covers vector control of AC motor drives. The book presents the material in a logical, easy-to-follow style, aided by numerous real world examples. The book also contains a number of solved problems, over 250 illustrations, and end of chapter exercises, all helping to clarify and reinforce the concepts learnt. About John Joseph Vithayathil John Joseph Vithayathil is an expert in HVdc transmission. He wrote the book, Power Electronics, as an introductory text on the field for undergraduate students of electrical engineering. John Joseph Vithayathil was born in Kerala, India in 1937. After graduating with a B.Sc from the Trivandrum Engineering College, he earned his M.Sc and PhD from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. For some time he worked as a lecturer at IISc. Later he migrated to the US, where he began to work for the Bonneville Power Administration in Portland, Oregon. He is renowned for his pioneering work in the field of High Voltage Direct Current (HVdc) transmission. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Power Semiconductor Device Chapter 2. Line Commutated Converters Chapter 3. AC Switching Controllers Chapter 4. Choppers Chapter 5. Inverters Chapter 6. Power Supply Systems Chapter 7. Adjustable Speed DC Motor Drives Chapter 8. Adjustable Speed AC Motor Drives Chapter 9. Vector Control of AC Motor Drives

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