ISBN 9788126519453,Power Electronics: Essentials & Applications

Power Electronics: Essentials & Applications


L. Umanand



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126519453

ISBN-10 8126519452


Number of Pages 944 Pages
Language (English)


 This book on power electronics spans a wide knowledge base such as power devices, drives, circuit topologies, magnetics, system modeling, control configurations, digital processing, thermal and reliability aspects. The book has been broadly divided into two types of topics viz. (a) circuit-oriented aspects and (b) system-oriented aspects. The first seven chapters deal with circuit-oriented aspects of power electronics systems and the remaining chapters deal with system-oriented aspects like controls and reliability.

Key Features

  • Power semiconductor devices are viewed from the physics, circuit, modeling and thermal viewpoints for a better understanding of the devices.

  • AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC converters and magnetic devices are treated from both the conceptual and design perspectives.

  • A separate chapter is included that addresses the analysis and design of linear regulators.

  • A chapter is included to address the modeling methods to obtain dynamic models of power electronics systems. The method of bond graph is introduced for modeling power electronics systems.

  • The design of discrete domain controllers in both classical and state space approach are included which addresses the needs of power electronic systems.

  • Optimal and robust control design methods as applied to power electronics systems are addressed.

  • Discrete numerical algorithms for digital implementation with respect to power electronics systems are addressed in a separate chapter.

  • A separate chapter is devoted to the thermal aspects like heat sink sizing for power electronics systems.

  • Design integration by specifying and designing for reliability with power electronics system examples is another unique feature of this book.

  • The appendices include the following:

  • Derivation of the area product for a saturable-core transformer.

  • Representative list of commonly used core types and their physical parameters.

  • Representative list of commonly used wire gauges.

  • Laplace transforms and z-transforms of few time domain signals.

  • List of specifications for the induction motor used for controller design.

  • Description of all the object parameters for various electronic components from the reliability prediction viewpoint.

  • Pedagogy includes:

  • 600+ illustrations and line diagrams.

  • 480+ descriptive questions.

  • 440+ objective questions.

  • 200+ unsolved problems.

  • 50+ explanatory examples and solved problems.

  • Companion CD contains:

  • Reliability prediction toolbox

  • Bond graph simulation toolbox

  • Several circuit and design examples

About The Author
Loganathan Umanand is a Principal Research Scientist at the Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. His primary area of interest is renewable energy systems which involve research in wide-ranging disciplines like reliability, motor drives, controls, inverters, switched-mode converters, battery chargers. Some of the application areas where research work is being carried out are hybrid generation systems, multi-grid energy ports, hybrid electric vehicles, desalination of sea water, solar cooking and bond graph modeling of physical systems.

In addition to research, he has also been involved in teaching at the post-graduate level, subjects such as Design of Power Converters, Reliability of Electronic Equipments, Digital Controller Design, DSP for Power Applications and Design of Photovoltaic Systems. Umanand has been delivering lectures to industry and graduate teachers in subjects such as Power Electronics, Switched-Mode Power Conversion, MATLAB and Control System Design.

Umanand is a Gold-medalist in both BE (Electronics and Communication, Bangalore University) and M.Tech (Electronics design and Technology, IISc) with a PhD from IISc.

His papers have been published in journals like Electric Power Application, Journal of Indian Institute of Science, IEEE Transaction Industry application, EPE Journal, IETE Journal of Research, Journal of the Franklin Institute, Renewable Energy Journal.



  • Table of Contents

  • Power Semiconductor Switches

  • Drive Circuits

  • Rectifiers

  • DC-DC Linear Regulators

  • DC-DC Switched-Mode Converters

  • DC-AC Switched-Mode Converters

  • Design of Magnetics

  • Modeling of Systems

  • Control System Essentials

  • Optimal and Robust Controller Design

  • Discrete Computation Essentials

  • Thermal Aspects

  • Reliability Modeling

  • Reliability Prediction