ISBN 9789380222554,Practical Manual In Botany[Pod]

Practical Manual In Botany[Pod]


Poonam Sethi



GenNext Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789380222554

ISBN-10 9380222556

Hard Back

Number of Pages 113 Pages
Language (English)

Science & Technology

Botany is the study ofplants, and they provide an essential foundation for life on earth, the food we eat and the beauty of the natural environment botany as a result is considered to be an extremely important science! Botany is no longer confined to the study ofhow and why plants survive in the way they do. With the advancement of technology, the study of botany means the study of how plants are used J in biotechnology, the significant part that they play in ecosystems and of course, how they can continue to provide food, medicines and even fuel to an ever-expanding global population. An holistic approach to understand the general characters of each genera in the syllabus mainly of lower cryptograms is done with utmost care. This book is written in simple language and its approach has been student oriented. It is profusely illustrated with photo-micrographs and line diagrams which serves the entire purpose of practical needs and requirements of under-graduate students of all universities. Lastly, I shall welcome constructive suggestions from readers.