ISBN 9788131908396,Practitioners Guide To Gall Bladder Stones And Kidney Stones

Practitioners Guide To Gall Bladder Stones And Kidney Stones



B.Jain Publishing Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131908396

ISBN-10 8131908399


Number of Pages 110 Pages
Language (English)

Medical administration & management

This is a treatise on the scope of homoeopathy in the surgically hailed conditions of biliary & renal calculi & beautifully accounts for the anatomy, physiology, homoeopathic treatment & dietary restrictions. The author also goes a long way in removing some of the age old misconceptions relating to gall-bladder & renal diseases & it is hoped that this work will be appreciated by all those who understand logic. Primarily, any calculi- renal or gall, has long been an object of surgical intervention under the modern system but homoeopathy has a lot to offer. Not only can our remedies be tried for pain management, they can also be sustained for dissolution or passage of stones against odds. It is only a matter of faith that people who have been cured of these dreaded conditions preach the virtues and advocate their use for the well being of humanity. A damn good read, this book successfully achieves in clearing doubts regarding applicability and educates the patient about his condition.