ISBN 9789382711001,Praxis Commix

Praxis Commix


Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382711001

ISBN-10 9382711007


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


This is the story of an achiever who, right from the timehe trudges to school carrying a heavy bag, asks several questions about the world and his role in it. He makes it to a prestigious engineering institute in Gujarat and then to Ireland and France for higher studies. He falls in love first with an Indian girl and then with a foreigner. As he struggles with the restrictions of culture, he wonders why an individual's happiness has to be submerged to uphold tradition. In all this, he holds a mirror to Indian society, wondering how a country can progress in this age of globalisation if it clings so strongly to age-old mores. These questions will find resonance in readers own lives, making this much more than the gripping story of one young man's coming of age in the new millennium. About the Author Prashant Kumar is an European Union graduate. Apart from achieving landmarks in research, he is infatuated with different countries, people, their cultures, languages and adores beauty of the faraway, unexplored with bated breath and is egalitarian in approach and practice. He has explored most of Europe and Asia and is actively involved with a few social organizations in the European Commission. He aspires to be a socio-political visionary. Literary traits, cognitive psychology, geo-politics, cultural history and philosophy have been his fields of interests.