ISBN 9789351362814,Predator : Horn OK Please

Predator : Horn OK Please






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351362814

ISBN-10 9351362817


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

Gothic art

It was the perfect evening. She was running around, getting ready for the college reunion. He was there and she was flushed with love. He offered her a glass of red wine. When she came to sense, her face was caked with blood, she was chained, her left hand was broken and every inch of her body was hurting. How, oh how, she wished she had never met him online.

The mutilated body of a young woman stirs up this sleepy little vineyard town. Another girl is now missing. It has happened here before. Old rumours, superstitions surface. The legend of the beast, the curse of the devil. But Inspector Khan has his keen eye on Joe, the owner of one of the countrys biggest vineyards and his edgy, disturbed son, Chris. Do they have anything to do with these murders? If he is to stay on the trail, Inspector Khan must face the ghosts of his own past. Can he do it? The almost-famous five Chief, Derek, Goose, Hound and Motormouth are following a lead of their own. Will they be able to stop the madness that comes alive at night?

Predator is a gory tale of megalomania and obsession and about the dangers lurking in the shadows of the virtual world. Set against the backdrop of a thriving wine industry, this is a dark and gothic story from the author of the Horn OK Please series.