ISBN 9788181892508,Principles Of Animal Cell Culture Students Compendium

Principles Of Animal Cell Culture Students Compendium



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181892508

ISBN-10 818189250X

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Medicine: general issues

Animal cell culture is playing a pivotal role int e various modern researches. Though the foundation stone of animal cell culture was laid for the isolation and characterization of different viruses but the recent development developments in the field of Biotechnology and Molecular biology have given various new dimension to this technology. Cell culture has provided a new tool for the better understanindg of diagnosis and molecular biology in many areas of biological systems including bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases. The different cell culture are being used in virology for te last five decades and one of its application has been utilized successfull in various types of vacine production. To quote virologist Payton Rous "of late we have begun to study viruses not only for what they themselves mean, but for what they can reveal about the intrinisc cell structure, and function through located injuries that they do". More recent discoveries such as production of various proteins and enzymes through recombinant DNA technology require the use of cell culture to study the exact gene expression, have fully utilized where the available evidences justify it and where their use is consistent with the effort involved and their routine application is recommended. With the advancement in tissue culture technology, scientists are now on the threshold of bringing sea changes in improving the life of human as well as livestock and thus it has become a source of unending fascination for different scientists.