ISBN 9788181479716,Probability, Statistics and Queueing Theory with Computer Applications

Probability, Statistics and Queueing Theory with Computer Applications


Elsevier India



Elsevier India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181479716

ISBN-10 8181479718


Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Computer Books

This is a textbook on applied probability and statistics with computer science applications for students at the upper undergraduate level. It may also be used as a self study book for the practicing computer science professional. The successful first edition of this book proved extremely useful to students who need to use probability, statistics and queueing theory to solve problems in other fields, such as engineering, physics, operations research, and management science. The book has also been successfully used for courses in queueing theory for operations research students. This second edition includes a new chapter on regression as well as more than twice as many exercises at the end of each chapter. While the emphasis is the same as in the first edition, this new book makes more extensive use of available personal computer software, such as Minitab and Mathematica.