ISBN 9788123906935,Problems Facing Plant Breeding

Problems Facing Plant Breeding




Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788123906935

ISBN-10 8123906935

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Number of Pages 242 Pages
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Medicine: general issues

The present text has been designed to provide an out line on the basic and fundamental aspects of plant breeding to be understood in its right perspective. It envisages to put forward a clear understanding to post-graduate students in agriculture and botany of the problems and its widening horizons. Students who join post-graduate studies should have fundamental knowledge of drought resistance breeding. genetics of host-plant resistance. molecular basis of CMS system and a broad outline of stability analysis. Further they should also have a clear idea of Cytogentics of apomixis and its exploitation in heterosis breeding. For their benefit a full chapter has been devoted. Further the latest trend is biotechnological side of crop improvement. It would be interesting to learn direct gene transfer technology for crop improvement without which the students will be lacking in their knowledge of science.From under-graduate level to post-graduate level there is a wide gap for the students to understand about thesis research direction which the book tries to fulfill. The book has been written in a simple language for everyone to understand.This book would also direct the young research scholars to pace into the breeding arena and widen the horizon of their knowledge. It further will give an insight into the breeding aspects in a comprehensive and constructive manner