ISBN 9780071077927,Production And Operations Management

Production And Operations Management



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780071077927

ISBN-10 0071077928


Number of Pages 888 Pages
Language (English)


Overview: This book provides a comprehensive coverage on production and operations management with a student friendly approach. It includes all the latest topics of the subject. With rich pedagogy, numerous examples and numerical problems, it will fulfill the requirements of business management students TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I Production and Operations Management-A Strategy to Manage Business Dynamics Chapter 1 Understanding Production and Operations Management Chapter 2 Operations: Policy and Strategy Chapter 3 International Production and Operations Management Chapter 4 Managing Technology in Operations Management Chapter 5 Value Analysis - An Applied Concept for Manufacturing and Service Industry Section II Product and Process Design and Development Chapter 6 A Guide to Effective Product Design Chapter 7 Process Design and Analysis Chapter 8 Integrated Product and Process Development Section III - Strategic Issues in Production and Operations Management Chapter 9 Project Management Chapter 10 Facility Location Chapter 11 Demand Forecasting Chapter 12 Capacity Planning Chapter 13 Facility and Plant Layout Section IV - Medium and Short Range Planning Issues Chapter 14 Aggregate Planning Chapter 15 Materials and Resource Requirement Planning Chapter 16 Production Planning and Control Chapter 17 Operations Scheduling and Workplace Planning Chapter 18 Waiting Line (Queue) Management Section V - Managing and Maintaining the Supply Chain Chapter 19 Inventory Management Chapter 20 Supply Chain Management Chapter 21 Warehouse and Materials Management Chapter 22 Materials Handling- Principles, Operations & Equipment Chapter 23 Maintenance Policy and Replacement Analysis Section VI - Quality Imperatives for Production Excellence Chapter 24 Quality- A Tool for Achieving Excellence Chapter 25 Quality Control Techniques Chapter 26 World Class Manufacturing Section VII - Work Improvement Techniques Chapter 27 Work Study and Industrial Engineering Chapter 28 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making Chapter 29 Learning Curves Chapter 30 Reliability and Redundancy. Salient Features Chapter on Replacement Analysis, Value Analysis, Waiting Line (Queue) Management and World Class Manufacturing Cases in the Indian context given at the end of each chapter Numerical with examples are also solved numerical with multiple options including conclusions 250 pages devoted to MCQ's and answers