ISBN 9788120334786,Profit Focused Supplier Management: How To Identify Risks And Recognize Opportunities

Profit Focused Supplier Management: How To Identify Risks And Recognize Opportunities



Professional Titles|Amacom

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120334786

ISBN-10 8120334787


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Strategic supplier management increases productivity, eliminates ineffective processes and substantially boosts a company's bottom line. Drawing from her experience at Nokia and using real business examples, the author details the importance of careful analysis to understand and maximize relationships with suppliers and help your company minimize risk and improve profitability. It informs Why current and potential suppliers should be analyzed How to choose the suppliers to be analyzed How to create a corporate analysis How to investigate the financial figures How to analyze qualitative factors The book also has valuable tools and templates for performing accurate and practical evaluations--both corporate and financial. In a nutshell, the book provides the readers with the means to uncover valuable information about their suppliers, lets them make better supply chain decisions while limiting risks and improving their company's operational and financial health. Table of Contents Preface Introduction Acknowledgments Part One: A Strategy For Analyzing Your Suppliers Chapter 1 Why Analyze Your Suppliers? Chapter 2 Choosing Which Suppliers to Analyze Part Two: Components of A Corporate Analysis of Suppliers Chapter 3 Creating a Corporate Analysis Chapter 4 Investigating What is Behind Financial Figures Chapter 5 Analyzing Qualitative Factors Part Three: Examples Chapter 6 Using Analyzing Tools and Useful Templates Chapter 7 Studying Examples Appendix For More Information Appendix 1 Useful Sources of Information for Analyzing Suppliers Appendix 2 Free-of-Charge Information Appendix 3 Credit-Rating Agencies Appendix 4 Online Services Appendix 5 Banks--Brokerage Reports Appendix 6 Company Information Glossary Bibliography