ISBN 9780070667600,Programming And Problem Solving Using C

Programming And Problem Solving Using C



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070667600

ISBN-10 0070667608


Number of Pages 268 Pages
Language (English)


This book is designed for the course on Programming and Problem Solving through C Language offered to students taking the DOEACC's 'O'? level certificate examination. The book will also be useful to the Diploma students who take a paper on C Programming. Key features Bottom up approach employed, where overview of programming has been covered followed by fundamental and advanced programming techniques. Comprehensive coverage of advanced topics like C Preprocessor, including discussions on Macro Substitution, File Inclusion, and Conditional Compilation Directives. Written in a simple and lucid language keeping in mind the requirements of the target audience. Pedagogy: Multiple Choice Questions: 105 True/False: 90 Fill in the Blanks: 102 Descriptive Questions: 103 Written as per the syllabus requirements of DOEACC 'O' Level Curricula Pedagogy follows DOEACC Examination pattern Simple language at use, making way for better comprehension. Table of contents :- Part I: Overview of Programming Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer-based Problem Solving Chapter 2. Algorithms for Problem Solving Chapter 3. Program Design and Implementation Issues Chapter 4. Program Design and Implementation Issues Chapter 5. Programming Environment Part II : Fundamentals of C Programming Chapter 6. Overview of C Language Chapter 7. Data Types, Variables and Constants Chapter 8. Operators, Type Modifiers and Expressions Chapter 9. Basic Input/Output Part III : Advanced Programming Techniques Chapter 10. Control Constructs Chapter 11. Arrays Chapter 12. Functions Part IV : Dynamic Data Structures Chapter 13. Pointers Chapter 14. Structures Chapter 15. Unions Chapter 16. Linked List Part V : Miscellaneous Features Chapter 17. File Handling in C Chapter 18. C Preprocessor