ISBN 9788183331999,Programming Linux Hacker Tools Uncovered

Programming Linux Hacker Tools Uncovered


Ivan Sklyarov


BPB Publications

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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183331999

ISBN-10 8183331998


Language (English)
Programming Linux Hacker Tools Uncovered: Exploits, Backdoors, Scanners, Sniffers, Brute-Forcers, Rootkits The book explains how to program different hacker tools in C language for Linux in a simple and easy-to-understand terms.It covers port and CGI scanners,active and passive sniffers,Trojans, and backdoors, virsues and worms,password cracers an dlog cleaners,all types of exploits,keyloggers, and rootkits,all varieties of Dos attacks,the traceroute and ping utilities,and many tools and exploits .The book also considers how to program hacker tools using the libpcap and libnet multithreaded utilities using nonblocked sockets.It also presents some unique material on programming version 2.6x Linux kernels and BSD packet filter.In addition ,an introduction to network programming is given, supplemented with information that standard instruction book rarely provide.

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