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Public Speaking


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788177225273

ISBN-10 8177225278


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 497 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Special Feature
The Interconnections. Learn more feature connects the student with sources of additional information on the Internet.
Chapter 5 offers guidelines for the evaluation of Internet research to help students assess the quality of what they find. It also presents a research plan in which the Internet might play a substantial role, and provides a carefully selected master list of web sites for Internet research.
Ethics Alert! Boxes highlight ethical concerns as they arise in the context of topics, emphasizing for students the importance of ethics in public speaking.
Speaker's Notes, brief internal summaries placed several times throughout each Chapter, reinforce learning of key principles.

Table of Contents
I. The Foundations of Public Speaking
1. You as a Public Speaker
2. Your First Speech
3. Becoming a Better Listener
II. Preparation for Public Speaking
4. Adapting to Your Audience and Situation
5. Selecting and Researching Your Topic
6. Using Supporting Materials in Your Speech
7. Structuring Your Speech
8. Outlining Your Speech
III. Developing Presentation Skills
9. Presentation Aids
10. Using Language Effectively
11. Presenting Your Speech
IV. Types of Public Speaking
12. Informative Speaking
13. Persuasive Speaking
14. Evidence, Proof, and Argument
15. Ceremonial Speaking
Appendix A. Communicating in Small Groups
Appendix B. Handling Communication Apprehension
Appendix C. Speeches for Analysis