ISBN 9789350591970,Quantum Mechanics (5/e) Hard Back (with CD)

Quantum Mechanics (5/e) Hard Back (with CD)


Ajoy Ghatak



Macmillan India Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350591970

ISBN-10 9350591979

Hard Back

Number of Pages 794 Pages
Language (English)


This is Library Edition title and comes with 5 DVDs (VideoLectures). Salient Features An essay on What is Quantum Mechanics by Victor Weisskopf, as a Prologue to the book Discussion of the free electron theory of metals and the basic physics of white dwarf stars, as application of the particle in a box problem Two chapters on the linear harmonic oscillator problem bringing out clearly its relation to the classical oscillator Three chapters on the angular momentum problem giving simple recipes for calculating spherical harmonics The use of confluent hypergeometric functions in obtaining solutions of the Schrdinger equation, corresponding to several important problems in quantum mechanics A detailed analysis of the spectra of one and two electron atoms A detailed analysis of the rotation-vibration spectra of diatomic molecules A detailed analysis of magnetic resonance experiments A separate chapter on the double well potential and the Kronig Penney model A detailed analysis of the JWKB approximation with application to numerous problems in quantum mechanics First principle calculations of Einstein About the Author Ajoy Ghatak is Professor Emeritus of Physics atIIT Delhi. He obtained his MSc from Delhi University and PhD fromCornell University. He has published over 150 research papers and15 books. His areas of interest are Fiber Optics and QuantumMechanics. Some of his books are Mathematical Physics (co-authoredwith I C Goyal and S J Chua, published by Macmillan India Ltd.),Lagrangian Optics (co-authored with V Lakshminarayanan and KThyagarajan) and Introduction to Fiber Optics and OpticalElectronics (both co-authored with K Thyagarajan). Professor Ghatakis a Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) and is arecipient of the International Commission for Optics GalileoGalilei award, the OSA Esther Hoffman Beller award, the CSIR S SBhatnagar award, the Optical Society of India Amita De Memorialaward, the Indian Physics Association M M. S Lokanathan was formerly P