ISBN 9788185288642,Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About English

Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About English


Goyal Publishers



Goyal Publishers

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788185288642

ISBN-10 818528864X


Language (English)

Language Learning & Teaching

Forty paired sentences like these are found in Chapter One and there are many more throughout the book. In this delightful way, Maxwell Nurnberg presents a comprehensive modern manual of English usage, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.
About the Author
Maxwell Nurnberg, Adjunct Professor of English, New York University, was Chairman of the English Department of Abraham Liacoln High School, Brooklyn, New York, for 35 years. He enjoys writing books on language in such a way as to make them fun for the reader. Among his other books are What's the Good Word? 1970, Wonders in Words A Gathering of Poems (Editor) Fun with Words an Word Play (1971).
Table of contents :-
Does it Make Any Difference to You?
The Precision Tools of Speech
What is the Mistake Most often made?
The Case of the Elusive Pronouns
Time has more than Three Dimensions
If you Speak English, Good, You Don't Speak it well: Adjectives and Adverbs
Can You Save a Dangling Modifier or Participle?
Don't Confuse Them or Misuse Them
Words: Fragile! Handle with Care!
Stop, Look and Listen : Spelling
Punctuation ? Who Needs It?