ISBN 9780983675914,Quicktest Professional Unplugged

Quicktest Professional Unplugged



Shroff Pub & Dist. Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780983675914

ISBN-10 0983675910


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 482 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming / software development

Most of the fields that are related to programming have a number of reference books to help readers become acquainted with its many features and utilities. However, QuickTest automation does not have many books that are based on this specific field. That is why QuickTest Professional Unplugged not only fulfills a great market need, but also helps enhance the knowledge of the readers.
QuickTest professional Unplugged is today one of the most detailed and creative books on QTP. Containing a lot of information, the book helps those who have just entered the QTP field to enhance their knowledge on one hand, and gives advanced users a knowledgeable edge over others on the other hand. It is today an important reference book and has over the years become one of the best books available on the subject.
QuickTest professional Unplugged has been divided into 32 chapters. Some of the chapters that are included in the book are Synchronization, Recovery Scenarios, Utility objects, Designing Framework, Advanced QTP, Working with HP Quality Center, Working with Microsoft Outlook, Working with Databases, and Working with APIs. With all new chapters from the previous edition, the book brings to light many modern and pioneering concepts that should be read by any QTP user. The book has been divided into two broad sections namely Basics and Advanced.
While the first 18 chapters are related to the basics of QTP, the rest of the chapters are a bit advanced in nature. This section consists of integration and interaction of QTP with other tools like Word, Excel, Outlook and Quality Center. Based on immense research, the book covers all the automation problems that QTP users would face on a daily basis.
Ideal for test analysts, test managers and test consultants, QuickTest Professional Unplugged is for all who want to improve their techniques related to QTP problem solving. The first book ever written by Tarun Lalwani, QuickTest Professional Unplugged won the Best Automation Book award in the ATI Automation Honors. It has been on the bestseller list since it was first published in 2009.
About Tarun Lalwani
The founder of Tarun Automation Research & Labs (TARLABS), a company focused on Test Automation Products and Services, Tarun Lalwani is also an author.
He has also authored And I Thought I Knew QTP! and QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged: Master Object Identification Techniques.
Tarun has also won a number of awards and his works feature on a number of websites and blogs. Furthermore, he is also the lead author and owner of that focuses solely on test automation. He also possesses widespread knowledge about test automation and its related technologies.