ISBN 9780140447446,Rama the Steadfast : An Early Form of

Rama the Steadfast : An Early Form of



Penguin Books India

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780140447446

ISBN-10 014044744X


Number of Pages 449 Pages
Language (English)


Warrior-prince Rama is about to be crowned Young King, when he hears the devastating news that his father, King of Ayodhya, has been tricked into banishing him to the forest. His devoted wife Sita insists on accompanying him in exile, but the evil ten-headed lord Ravana lusts after the beautiful princess and steals her away. Aided by Hanuman, mighty captain of the monkeys, Rama sets out to find her and destroy Rdvana in a deadly battle. Rama the Steadfast was composed in the oral tradition in about the fifth century AD and has been retold over the generations ever since. With its fantastical characters ranging from monsters to apes, a very human hero and its profound moral purpose, it is one of the greatest of all Indian tales. John Brockington and Mary Brockington's vibrant translation is accompanied by an introduction discussing the long Indian tradition of retelling this story, and its authorship, language and settings. This edition also includes further reading, appendices, notes and a glossary.