ISBN 9789350364369,Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 1 (Book - 4)

Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 1 (Book - 4)


Uma Raman



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364369

ISBN-10 9350364360


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Rays is a series of books for Classes LKG, UKG, 1 to 5. They are based on the integrated approach to learning and have been written by experienced teachers. The books have a variety of features such as: Projects and Activities with detailed guidelines. Life Skills. Value-based Questions. IT-based Questions. Interpretive Questions. Checklists for self-assessment. Pre-Reading Tasks. In-text questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS English 1. Lesson The Tale Of A Mountain Poem The Caterpillar Story 2. Lesson the Boy Who Went to London Poem Grandma's Hugs are Made of Love 3. Lesson Some Apples, Please! Poem The Lion And The Mouse 4. Lesson Snakebite Check Your Understanding Revision Worksheet Listening Text for the Teacher Grammar Worksheets Mathematics 1. Revision 2. Place value 3. Addition and subtraction 4. Multiplication 5. Division 6. Multiples and factors 7. HCF and LCM Check your understanding Revision worksheet 1 Revision worksheet 2 Science 1. Plants: preparing and storing food 2. Plants: living and surviving 3. Animals: how life goes on 4. Animals: living and surviving Check your understanding Revision worksheet Social Science 1. Our Beautiful Country 2. The Northern Mountains 3. The Northern Plains 4. The Western Desert 5. The Southern Plateau 6. The Coastal Plains and the Islands Check Your Understanding Revision Worksheet Map Practice General Knowledge 1. Who Am I? 2. The Animal World 3. What's The Word? 4. Make New Words 5. Fairy Tales 6. It's All in the Name 7. Compu-Quiz 8. Water Facts 9. Who Are They? 10. Costumes of the World 11. Be Careful! 12. Friend-O-Meter 13. Health and Safety 14. Revision Worksheet 15. Checklist