ISBN 9789350364321,Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 3 (Book - 2)

Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 3 (Book - 2)



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364321

ISBN-10 9350364328


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Rays is a series of books for Classes LKG, UKG, 1 to 5. They are based on the integrated approach to learning and have been written by experienced teachers. The books have a variety of features such as: Projects and Activities with detailed guidelines. Life Skills. Value-based Questions. IT based Questions. Interpretive Questions. Checklists for self-assessment. Pre-Reading Tasks. In-text questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS English 1. Lesson Whaley 2. Lesson Christmas song Poem The shape of things 3. Lesson Tubby, the fat cat Poem Wind on the hill 4. Lesson The mouse and the cookie Check your understanding Revision worksheet Listening text for the teacher Mathematics 1. Division 2. Fractions 3. Money 4. Measurement 5. Data handling Check your understanding Revision worksheet Environmental Studies 1. Our earth 2. Seasons 3. Pollution 4. How we travel 5. Be safe! An environment story Check your understanding Revision worksheet General Knowledge 1. That's mine! 2. Which season is it? 3. Some -ice words 4. A hive of Bs 5. My favourite stories 6. In the sky 7. What does a computer do? 8. Saare jahan se achchha 9. He name of the game 10. Spot the differences 11. Give a reason . . . 12. What should they do? 13. My values 14. Good acts 15. Revision worksheet