ISBN 9789384052324,Reaching for the Stars: India's Journey to MARS and Beyond

Reaching for the Stars: India's Journey to MARS and Beyond






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384052324

ISBN-10 9384052329


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)

Science & Technology

This is the untold story of Indias marathon to Mars, from the Red Fort in Delhi to the Red planet. A historic, geo-political dash with its regional rival China, in this 21st century Asian space race. We have done a lot, but yeh dil maange more. This evocative challenge, which translated into English, reads this heart desiresmore, this challenge came from Indias Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to scientists and engineers of the Indian space programme when he spoke at Indias rocket port in Sriharikota in southern India. Indeed. Indias relentless appetite for spacefaring activities led the country to mount its first-ever interplanetary mission, to the Earths neighbour Mars. The Mars Orbiter Mission, or Mangalyaan, began a tough and treacherous journey of 690 million kilometers through deep space on 5 November, 2013. Inter-planetary journeys are uncharted territories, inspiring human minds and the machines that are created in a million ways. This is the story of a scintillating 15-month roller-coaster ride, quite literally a hundred meter dash to accomplish a marathon that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) got onto after the historic announcement from the Red Fort in Delhi on 15 July, 2012, that India was heading to Mars, propelling India into an exclusive Martian club.

About the Author

Pallava Bagla is a globally acclaimed science communicator and photographer who in a career spanning more than a quarter century has seen from close quarters the blossoming of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). His insightful command of Indias secretive nuclear, missile and space programme is unparalleled. Pallava works for the Science magazine and New Delhi Television. Subhadra Menon is an award-winning writer and much sought-after public speaker with several books to her credit. Over the years, she has acquired deep insights into many of Indias major developmental programmes. She works with the Public Health Foundation of India in New Delhi, where she is Professor, Health Communication.