ISBN 9789380601533,Religion, Law and Power

Religion, Law and Power



Anthem Press India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380601533

ISBN-10 9380601530

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Number of Pages 199 Pages
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About the Book: Relition Law and Power This is a lucid and richly documented account of the mutual penetration of religion and politics; it should be read both by historians of religion and by historians of South Asia. -Richard M. Eaton, Professor of History, University of Arizona This book constructs an anthropological history of a subalternreligious formation, Mahima Dharma of Orissa, a large province ineastern India. Tracking the contingent making of a criticalcommunity over a hundred and forty year period, Religion, Law andPower explores the interplay of distinct expressions of time andhistory, innovative reformulations of caste and Hinduism anddistinct engagements with state and nation. This serves to unravelthe wider entanglements of religion, history, law, modernity andpower. Ishita Banerjee-Dube provides a situated and criticalanalysis of the different trajectories of Mahima Dharma, bringingto the fore a clutch of empirical and theoretical issues.Understandings of the articulation and institutionalization of asubaltern religious order are not marked off from, but reveal thetechniques and textures of, the modern state and dominant Hinduism.Such moves foreground subaltern and ascetic expressions andnegotiations of modernity in institutional and everyday arenas, andfurther question widespread propositions of a singular Hinduism,especially in India today. Religion, Law and Power should be ofinterest to historians, anthropologists and religious studiesscholars as well as general readers interested in religion,politics, community and state. It will be of particular interest tostudents of South Asia concerned with Hinduism and religious sects,history and law, and power and resistance. Contents Preface Maps Introduction: Tales of Time Formations of Faith Poets and Texts Ascetics, Histories and the Law Contemporary Contours Epilogue Bibliography Appendix Glossary Index About the Author: Ishita Banerjee-Dube Ishita Banerjee-Dube is Professor of History at the Cen