ISBN 9780745328850,Resistance



Pluto Press



Pluto Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780745328850

ISBN-10 0745328857


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)
This book traces the essence of the?Islamist Revolution?from its origins in Egypt, through Najf, Lebanon, Iran and the Iranian Revolution to today. Alastair Crooke presents a compelling account of the ideas and energy which are mobilsing the?Islamic world.? The story of the emerging Islamist Revolution is largely one of an Islamic response to western thinking based around individualism and personal relationships with the divine, juxtaposed to the Islamist demand to place human values above politics and self-interest. Crooke argues that the West faces a mass mobilisation?against the US-led Western project. The roots of this conflict are described in terms of religious themes that extend back over 500 years. They represent clashing systems of thinking and values. Islamists have a vision for the future of their own societies which would entail radical change from Western norms. Resistance is presented as the means to force Western behaviour to change and to expose the essential differences between the two modes of thinking.? This is a rigourous account that traces the threads of revolution of various movements, including the influence of political Shi'ism and the Iranian Revolution and its impact on Hezbollah and Hamas.

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