ISBN 9788121210461,Restoration of Split Milk

Restoration of Split Milk



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788121210461

ISBN-10 8121210461

Hard Back

Number of Pages 546 Pages
Language (English)

Rural Development

In the recent days, much is written and talked about rural development. In fact, our desire to wipe out the 'tears of the poor' dated back to 15th August, 1947. Unfortunately, with time, we seem to have moved in reversed gear. The book analyzes our subcontinent's current unacceptable situation, in three parts viz. 1. What we were; 2. What we are now and why; 3. what can still be done to get back on rail to het 800 million rural poor to be an essential part of the nation, singing. The narrations on various aspects are used essentially as diagnostic tools to find the curable remedy. the book is not one on religion, history, or science and technology, the main desire is to know us truthfully, and build a strong new India, morally, technologically and financially, based on literacy and technologically and financially, based on literacy and education.