ISBN 9788120348318,Risk Management And Insurance Planning

Risk Management And Insurance Planning



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788120348318

ISBN-10 8120348311


Number of Pages 648 Pages
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Humans are accustomed to risks. Be it a theft or burglary, a fatal road accident, natural disaster or death-the possibility of a person encountering a risk, can never be underestimated. To mitigate the intensity of risks, it is always advisable to manage them, beforehand. This book explains how to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and impact of unfortunate events, through risk management tools. The chapters are skillfully designed to give a comprehensive approach to the concepts like need of insurance; and the right time to buy the insurance. The essential concepts are dealt with thoroughly to build the foundation of the subject.The book artfully elucidates the roles and the duties of an Agent, and the traits required to become an organised andefficient one. It highlights some of the most important insurance claims, which are only prevalent in the developed countries (US and UK), like tort liability problems, long-term care insurance, personal umbrella insurance and Uninsured Motorist Coverage. The book emphasizes on exposures to mortality, health, disability, auto, overseas and travel insurances. While discussing the topics, like retirement options, it ornately describes various pensions and annuity schemes available inclding IRAs. The book is primarily intended for the postgraduate students of Management specializing in Finance. However, it will also be beneficial for Risk Managers, and Insurance Agents as well. KEY FEATURESThe chapters are interspersed with Figures , Tables , Exhibits and Takeaway Tips to provide interesting facts related to the topic discussed in the chapter. Various concepts are explained through case studies , and graphical representations, to add a practical approach to the subject.MCQs are added to judge the conceptual understanding of the Students.A separate Chapter is devoted to a very important topic of Insurance Laws . Student Resources: To strengthen the understanding of the subject, Please follow the link for interactive Multiple Choice Questions.