ISBN 9788188934836,Rock cut model shrines in early medieval indian art

Rock cut model shrines in early medieval indian art



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788188934836

ISBN-10 8188934836

Hard Back

Number of Pages 135 Pages
Language (English)


Rock-cut Model Shrines in Early Medieval Indian Art is the result of Dr R.K.K. Rajarajans research in the Tamil University of Thanjavur during 1995-1996. The present publication is rewritten, up-dated and added luminously. Several works on dynastic arts (e.g. Kusana, Gupta, Pallava, and Cola) and art historical centers (e.g. Ellora, Bhuvanesvara, Vijayanagara/ Hampi, the ASI booklets) have come to light during the past 150 years. The present book is a genre of its own that has a thematic delimitation, dealing with the micro-masterpieces of Indian temple architecture, called Model Shrine, the miniature of a mega-temple. Frank art historians would admit that nobody thought of such a lofty theme in a capsule history that the present work is.

The book is in five chapters, dealing with the concept, origin, percolation, progression, typological variation, iconographical/cult value and ritual mysticism of the Model Shrines. The book is well illustrated with plans and photographic samples added to date. It is the outcome of extensive field work all over South India from Udayagiri (MP) in the North to Vilinam in the Far South.

The authors recent visit to Rome has opened new avenues of interaction with Italian scholars. A translation/transliteration work of some Tamil hymns is expected to be published from Rome in addition to a book from Naples.