ISBN 9780749446598,Running Board Meetings: How to get the most from them

Running Board Meetings: How to get the most from them


Patrick Dunne


Kogan Page Ltd



Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780749446598

ISBN-10 0749446595

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Running Board Meetings was greeted with an enthusiastic response when first published, which highlighted the glaring need for guidance on the subject. Now in its third edition, this practical guide continues to provide valuable, step-by-step advice on every aspect of board meetings.

Fully revised and updated, it now includes a "rough guide" to the Higgs report, a new section on remuneration committees and a look at the role of the finance director. Packed with useful tips and techniques, it will help you to ensure that:

you're always well prepared
every board meeting runs smoothly;
necessary procedures are followed
the board's decisions are always acted on
You'll also find out how to deal with those troublesome types such as the "silent seether", the "young pretender" and the "useless dead hand".

About The Author
Patrick Dunne is Group Communications Director at 3i, Europe's leading venture capital company. He is probably best known for building up their Independent Directors Programme and is a regular speaker and commentator on boardroom issues. He is Visiting Professor at of Management & a Trustee of Leap-Confronting Conflict .

Table of Contents
Before the preparation
What's the point?
How often
How long?
What about the boardroom itself?
Where to sit?
What information beforehand?
When should board members receive these papers?
How does a board calibrate the information it is provided with?
What pre-discussion should take place?
What should be the agenda?
What is allowable under 'any other business'?
Away days
Board calendars
How is the right atmosphere created?
Some international comparisons
A rough guide to Higgs
'Managing the meeting'
What's the role of the chairman?
So what about the chairman's role at the board meetings themselves?
What about the chief executive or the managing director?
What's the role of the company secretary?
The silent seether and other personae
Presentations to the board
Do Bono's hats
Subcommittees the common ones, the relevant ones
After: 'The Follow Up'
What should be in the minutes?
How should the board communicate its decisions?
Board review
Appendix I: The CHEMCO Case Study
Appendix II: The Convo Case Study
Appendix III: The menu style appointment letter for an independent director
Appendix IV: A rough guide to Hampel
Appendix V: A rough guide to Green bury