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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382518624

ISBN-10 9382518622


Number of Pages 156 Pages
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motivation & self-esteem

The state of ignorance in which we suffer the limitation of body, mind and intellect is gained by us, as a result of sheer practice. We have also practised through ages, the acquisition of knowledge in an objective way. This objectifying tendency of our intellect tends to delay our sucessful entry into the subjective field of self enquiry. The master mind Bhagwan Shankracharya, has helped the student in overcoming this obstracle through his prakaran grantha's. He takes, as a pivot, a small erroneous notion of our thinking, and make us rethink, so that we may recognise our fallcy and reorganise our thinking processes. This the way Shankara help us to recognise our own nature. In some Granthas he take non appreciation of the rarity and uniqeness of human birth and makes us understand the pupose of life, as he does in Bhaja Govindam. In this Manaspuja he helps a student to be a Saksi(witness) of his Sankalpas (thoughts) and devote them in the rememberance of the Lord. Sadacarah is such a text, i came across this beautiful and subtle text in our Sandipany Sadhnalaya library during the course of my study. The old, torn,perforted commentary, written in Marathi metre(Ovi), by some unknown master was the inspiration that compelled me to study this text in greater depth. The text gives a grand vision about the daily obligation duties ordained for a man of good conduct. Having given the vision of the Pure Self in and through all daily duties, the teacher expounds Tat tvam asi mahavakya in a unique way. This is followed by the Practise of Knowledge.