ISBN 9788176353854,Sams Teach Yoursef Mir Acce 2000 Prog In 24Hours

Sams Teach Yoursef Mir Acce 2000 Prog In 24Hours


Paul Kimmel






Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176353854

ISBN-10 817635385X


Language (English)

Computer And Internet

Sams Teach Yourself Access 2000 Programming in 24 Hours will considerably improve the quality of the database applications that the reader can create with Microsoft Access. Concise tutorials that quickly bring the reader up to speed will be the goal of each chapter. Having completed this book, the readers will be able to understand any sample VBA code that they see, and will possess the skills to attack all of the most common Access programming tasks. Topics covered in the book will include: -- Using data aware controls -- Creating data aware web pages -- Creating views to organize data -- Building reusable code modules -- Programming reports -- Communicating results with graphing -- Automating contact and task management with Outlook -- Access programming for Internet Explorer Table of Contents Part I Access Progaramming 101 Hour 1 What's New in Access 2000 Hour 2 Exploring VBA Hour 3 Storing Your Program's Data Hour 4 Controlling Program Flow and Performing Calculations Part II Writing Code to Manage Your Access Data Hour 5 Learning to Write Conditional Code Hour 6 Managing Your Database Hour 7 Using Advanced Data Types to Manage Data Hour 8 Solving Problems a Piece at a Time Part III Using Access Resources to get the Job Done Hour 9 Using Macros as Learning Aids Hour 10 Employing Access Predefined Solutions Part IV Defining Data Types and Using Arrays and Collections Hour 11 Making the Complex Simple : Creating Your Own Data Types Hour 12 Managing Varying Amounts of Data Hour 13 Storing Information in a Collection Part V Database Programming in Access Hour 14 Managing Your Code Hour15 Data Programmijg Made Easy with ADODB Hour 16 Using Advanced SQL Techniques Part VI Mastering Error Handling Hour 17 Removing Bugs Hour 18 AddingCode to Handle Errors Part VII Creating Access User Interfaces Hour 19 Creating Custom Forms Hour 20 Adding Data to Web Pages Part VIII Object -Oriented Programming in Access Hour 21 Class Programming Basics Hour 22 Adding Capabilities to Your data Types Hour 23 Access Add -ins Hour 24 Managing Outlook Contact Information Part IX :Appendices App: Answers Index