ISBN 9788176353540,Sams Teach Yourself Unix System Administration In 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Unix System Administration In 21 Days








Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176353540

ISBN-10 817635354X


Number of Pages 811 Pages
Language (English)

Computer And Internet

Sams Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration in 21 Days is designed to take users in 21 days from beginner or intermediate to the capability level of performing intermediate-level system administrator functions. Even advanced UNIX users who are interested in learning system administration will benefit from this book. Written by a system administrator offering peer-to-peer instruction, this book teaches real world, practical skills that every system administrator needs to know such as machine configuration and server maintenance. Table of Contents - Introduction Week 1 - At a Glance What Is System Administration? General Overview: UNIX and You Tasks of the System Administrator The Responsibilities of Root Expectations as Root Effective System Administrators Summary QandA Workshop Designing Your Cluster: From Planning to Policy Planning for a UNIX Cluster The Overall Building Network Policy: Who, How, What, and Why--In Writing! Summary QandA Workshop Setting Up a Machine: From the Box to the Desktop Connecting the Components Installing the Operating System Customizing Your Machine Installing Operating-System Patches Summary QandA Workshop A Stroll Through Your System Getting to Know Your System vi: The Editor You Should Get to Know Planning Your System's Future Summary QandA Workshop On Root's Best Behavior Caring for the Root Password Becoming Root Root Do's and Don'ts Good Habits and Good Ways to Do Things Things to Keep in Mind Summary QandA Workshop Deciding What Kind of Software to Install: Free versus Commercial UNIX Freeware Commercial Software Free Versus Commercial: A Comparison Summary QandA Workshop The Most Important Accessory: The c Compiler gcc Tools More Basic Than gcc Why gcc? Installing gcc A Complement to gcc: gdb Summary QandA Workshop Week 2 - At a Glance Adding Basic Devices Adding a Disk Drive Adding CD-ROM and Tape Drives Adding a Printer Summary QandA Workshop What About Security? The Cold Cruel World: Crackers Fighting the Cold Cruel World Summary QandA Workshop Defending Your Machine and Encrypting Traffic Turning Off Those Services TCP Wrapper Secure Shell Limited Root Access: sudo Summary QandA Workshop Making Your Machines Communicate with Each Other: NIS and NFS Setting Up Your NIS Master Setting Up NFS Summary QandA Workshop The Basics of Making User Accounts Preliminary Files to Get to Know Predefined System Users and Groups Making Accounts: The Basic Way Making User Accounts--The Exotic Way Deleting User Accounts Summary QandA Workshop Saving Your World: Making Backups to Tape Backing Up Your Machine to Tape: Using dump Restoring to Your Machine from Tape: Using restore Summary QandA Workshop Other Useful Software: Useful Utilities Installing Perl Installing MySQL Using MySQL Using Perl Summary QandA Workshop Week 3 - At a Glance Communicating Locally and Globally: Mail Reading and Sending Mail: mail/Mail/mailx Installing sendmail Optional Mail Reading Software Summary QandA Workshop Securing Services: FTP and POP FTP POP Securing Services: Forwarding Connections Summary QandA Workshop WWW Connectivity: Netscape, Apache, and Statistics Installing Netscape Installing Apache Web Site Statistics Packages Summary QandA Workshop Multi-OS Connectivity: AppleTalk and Samba Installing an AppleTalk Server Learning a Little Bit About AppleTalk Installing Samba Learning a Little Bit About SMB Summary QandA Workshop Optional Software Installing More Useful Software Other Useful Optional Software Summary QandA Workshop How to Be a Good System Administrator Get to Know Your Machines Important Things to Remember Ethics You and the Law Summary QandA Troubleshooting Hardware Software Human Error Common Problems or Error Messages On Bogons, Cosmic Rays, and Other Sources of Random Failure Summary QandA Workshop - Appendixes Useful UNIX Commands for the System Administrator Sample Operating System Installations Solaris 7 Irix 6.5 Useful Files Configuring Paths and Aliases Login Shells Configuring csh Configuring X Environments Mail Processing Mail Aliases Configuring twm Reconfiguring Kernels for SunOS MySql Definitions Legal Stuff The GNU General Public License Useful Resources Useful Sample Forms Quiz Answers - Index