ISBN 9789382616566,Sat Chit Anand : Truth Consciousness Bliss

Sat Chit Anand : Truth Consciousness Bliss





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ISBN 9789382616566

ISBN-10 938261656X

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As meditation flowers, you will find that on the one hand truth has revealed to you all its mysteries and on the other that blissfulness is showering all its treasures on you. The three words of the mantra, satchitanand - truth, consciousness, bliss - are words of pure poetry, words which touch the heart. In this book, Osho explains the significance of this sacred mantra for everyone's life.
Truth - sat - can only be revealed when consciousness - chit - has reached its highest peak. Meditation is the process whereby consciousness becomes available, in which truth can be discovered. And the ultimate peak of meditation is bliss - Anand.
He also responds to a variety of questions, sharing his insights on topics such as freedom and responsibility, creativity and communication between lovers. Interwoven throughout his responses are elements of sat-chit-Anand. This sacred mantra runs like a thread through the whole book.